UltraBOOST 4.0 Grey Lace Swap

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UltraBOOST 4.0 Grey Lace Swap

Ultraboost 4.0 'Grey' Lace Swap Recommendation:

Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 Grey Lace Swap

Take a look at the new UltraBOOST 4.0 Grey released by Adidas. The grey colorway is now available throughout the world. This colorway is perfect for your every day sneaker. 

Grey is the perfect color to match and the primeknit is stellar. To add an extra bit of uniqueness to your sneaker, we recommend a lace swap with 3M White. We have previously done a lace swap on the 1.0 Greys and the results were amazing. (Photo Below)

Lace Swap for Ultraboost 1.0 Grey

DoctorLaces recommendation lace swap for the UltraBOOST 4.0 'Grey' is the White 3M Rope Shoelaces - 36". 

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