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Shoelace Size Guide

This is a sizing guide for the shoelaces provided by DoctorLaces. For accurate lengths, please measure your own shoelaces and gauge which length you are most interested in. This is a general guide to provide the general understandings.


Sneakers Recommended Length
 Adidas NMD

80CM - 90CM
(80CM for less excess on lace)

Adidas UltraBoosts

80CM - 100CM
(80CM for no-tie look. We recommend 90CM for Ultraboosts)

Lace Length: 31-35
" (~80-90CM)

Recommended for rope laces and flat laces for ultraboosts (where only threading through the cage) and all NMDs (including NMD_R1 mesh and primeknit and NMD_XR1)


  • Ultraboost - 35" for small tie. 31" to have a tie-less look.
  • NMD: 31" or 36" for tied with small bow
  • Yeezy boost 350, 750 - 50" for tied, 55" if balloon knotted, 35-45" for untied

    All size references in this chart are for US sizing.

    This sizing chart is a guide only and is flexible depending on how you thread your laces. For those you enjoy tight threading, our recommended “untied” versions may be appropriate for tying. For those who enjoy particularly loose threading, a larger length may be more appropriate.

    The best way to check a rough appropriate length is to measure the current laces in your shoes.


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